The Evolution of Kilbuck Creek

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The original purchase of the property was in 1987. It consisted of ninety-nine acres of thriving woodland and some tillable field land that is fondly referred to as “the hidden valley.” When the family bought the land, they didn’t start construction until the following spring. In the meantime, with two children in tow, they spent that summer and fall camping with family and friends; learning the lay of the land. Here is where some truly creative ideas would be brought to fruition in the coming years. 

The home took three years to build. The logs used were sourced from Tennessee but the crew who built the home were quite local. An incredible group of family and some rag tag friends brought our home to life. One of the things that’s so special is getting to share this home that was built on familial love. Even though it’s no longer our family home, we get to help people start their lives as partners, and families come together to spend a few days making memories, as we did growing up here. While we share this with people from all over the country, us as a family get to come home for the holidays. We spend each holiday gathering and making more memories as a family, still after all these years. Not only is this a wonderful time for us, it’s also quite necessary. Our family has grown to 7 children, 6 with spouses, and 11 grandchildren. It is safe to say that our family has always been focused on being able to gather together and it’s our honor to provide that for our guests. 

As the years went on, both the property and family grew. Pretty soon there were 6 six kids, horses, numerous dogs, cats, goats and even a twin set of ponies. When the last child was  born, it was time to expand. A master wing was added, now known as Leif’s Room. While the home was large by most standards, there was a need for a retreat to parents of 6 somewhat feral kids. The pool was added, the playhouse was built, and more land was bought to enhance and conserve the property. 

There is much more to the evolution of Kilbuck Creek and so we invite you to come and see what a truly authentic home and property we are lucky to call ours.